Best Moments of So-Cal 2018

Hello! It’s been a while ::insert embarrassed emoji here:: There are a couple of reasons I have been absent from this space – the main one being I’ve been a busy gal. I was in Southern California with Walter and our friends, Logan and Mariah, for a week. Walter and Logan had a conference in San Diego so Walter and I were there from late, late, late Saturday morning to early, early, early Thursday morning. Next, Walter and I headed to Disneyland, and then ended our trip in Los Angeles. We did a bunch of cool stuff and to keep this post from getting too long I thought I would share some of my favorite moments.


First of all, the tacos in San Diego are no freakin’ joke. We ate tacos everyday we were there and I ended up putting away 18 tacos in total. Tacos from anywhere other that the Southwest (aka allllll the way across the country) are ruined for me. I think one of the things that made the tacos so delicious were the handmade tortillas. I imagine the taco industry in San Diego is cut throat and a businesses couldn’t get by without handmade, fresh tortilla shells. I broke my nice vegan streak while in San Diego because I found the fish and shrimp tacos too good to pass up. I will say that at every place I made sure to get a vegetarian taco and in some places the fish-free tacos were better.

Unfortunately, Walter was busy with conference stuff almost everyday we were there. Lucky for me, Logan and Mariah were cool with me tagging along on all their adventures. We met Logan and Mariah when we lived in Lexington This is the second time I have been able to see them since our move from Lex two years ago. They are moving to Philadelphia soon so we are super pumped to be spending more time with them in the future.



I had no idea that San Diego had such a large military presence. There were huge ships and air craft carriers in the water, and I have never seen anything like it up close. Sunday we went to the Maritime Museum which included nine different ships and two submarines. I can’t say that I am super interested in military or maritime history, but this museum was truly fascinating. We got to go on the world’s oldest active sailing ship which was built in 1863. Going on the two submarines was so intense! I have a new found respect for people who spend their life aboard a submarine. As you can imagine, there is very little space and it was pretty stuffy. There were a bunch of switches that were obviously disabled and so we were all switching, pushing, and pulling them. There was something that looked a bit like a circuit breaker with a whole carved out in the plexiglass cover. I thought that meant we could play with the switches not covered – WRONG! I ended up turning out all of the lights in one section of the submarine. Whoops!




We did a beach day on Coronado Island. I remember when my friend, Jessica, came back from a trip to San Diego she said such nice things about Coronado Island. Marilyn Monroe filmed scenes from Some Like It Hot at Hotel del Coronado and it is every bit as gorgeous as she was. While we did take a quick peep at the hotel (and had some yummy gelato), we spent most of our day on the beach. The beach itself is absolutely stunning! There are gold flakes in the sand called mica. The mica makes it look like Michael’s craft store dumped all of their gold glitter onto the Coronado’s beach. I was mesmerized by the glimmer and shimmer. I will say that I am very picky about the water I swim in which made enjoying the pacific ocean rather hard. I lose my mind whenever something so much as brushes my body when I am in the ocean so when I could feel the seaweed wrapping around my legs I knew I was not destined to stay in the water long. I know it is all in my head, but after visiting crystal clear, seaweed-free beaches when I was a kid I have never been able to push myself to swim among the seaweed.

When I think of my San Diego experience two things come to mind – tacos and birds. Birds for two reasons, 1. there were seagulls that would come sit next to our window and wait for us to feed them and 2. San Diego was littered with electric scooters called Bird that you could rent by the minute. I have to admit I was super skeptical about getting on an electric scooter. As I have gotten older, I have started paying attention to all the physical risks that are involved with an activity. After I hopped onto my first Bird and got the hang of the accelerator and break, I was hooked. The scooters didn’t go too fast and we never experienced crazy traffic while in San Diego. The way Birds work is you download their app, add your driver’s license and credit card info, scan the bar code on the scooter, and you’re off! You pay $1 for the initial rental and then .15 cents a minute. Bird rentals definitely took up most of my credit card charges, but they were way more fun that getting Lyft.




We spent our last day in San Diego at the San Diego Zoo. Walter was finally able to take a day off and join us. This zoo is the biggest, best, and nicest one I have ever been to, but that should come as no surprise to people who have heard anything about the San Diego Zoo. We chose a really good day to go because the weather was perfect and there was not a huge crowd. We didn’t have any issues seeing a any of the animals. There was a sky train that made getting from one end of the park to the other a breeze. It also gave us a moment to sit down and relax. Hands down seeing the pandas was the coolest. They were sitting next to a huge pile of bamboo and were going to town on it. The bamboo peeled like huge sticks of string cheese. The koala bears were absolutely adorable. We caught them during nap time and they were snoozing in the trees. I managed to become friends with one of the monkeys. We had a very exciting game of peek-a-boo and Mariah showed him pictures of her pets. I would like to think he will remember us forever.






Thursday morning we work up before the sun around 4:30 am. It was time to head to Disneyland! We took the 5:55 am train to Anaheim (luckily we were able to squeeze in a power nap) and arrived at Disneyland a little before 9 am. I can’t speak for Walter, but I had the best day. With my brother-in-law’s helpful hints we were able to hit up all the main attractions. We made a rookie mistake when we first got there by getting a Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and Star Tours fast pass. It’s not that we didn’t enjoy those rides, but we learned soon after to save your fast passes for the must-see rides. I would have loved to have another ride on Space or Splash Mountain. Another favorite ride was Indian Jones Adventure. For this ride we grabbed some single-rider tickets at the ride’s entrance. Single-rider tickets allow you to skip most of the line if you don’t mind riding without your group. I think the cast member directing the lines got confused and he sent us to an even shorter line which allowed us to ride together in the front of the car! Though I was okay riding alone, it was a wonderful happy accident. The best Disneyland discovery was finding out they sell PICKLES! Those suckers weren’t cheap at $3.99 a pop, but that did not stop me from having three throughout the day. A few people looked at me crazy when I told them I wanted to go to Disneyland. I spent so much of my life longing to go to Disney. The desire to go has not been as intense as it once was, but I could not pass on the chance to go while in the area. It was great to experience Disney as an adult and without any children.


Okay guys, it has officially taken me a month to write this post. I have a few ideas for upcoming posts so hopefully it won’t be weeks and months between my next few posts. Thank you for reading this long-ass post and thank you for sticking with me.


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