There are two standout women who have made an influence on my life the past couple of years. They are Hannah Shaw – aka Kitten lady – and Angela Lindon – aka Oh She Glows. They are a couple of bad assess and I aspire to be as great as they are.

Hannah Shaw has the most wonderful Instagram account where she chronicles her life as a kitten savior. She rescues the cutest kittens and gives them adorable names. Her themed names are the best! Right now she has a group of kittens she calls Mia (the mom) and the Meat-a-balls with pasta themed names – Rigatoni (Big Tony), Macaroni (Mac), Risotto (Rizzo), Lasagna (Anya), and Tortellini (Leeni).

She has taught me how vulnerable kittens are and how they are they are the highest risk animal to be put down in a shelter, due to the lack of resources to care for and nurture all of the kittens that go to a shelter in a year. This year I really want to volunteer at the Greater New Haven Cat Project. I also want to learn more about rescuing cats, TNR-ing (trap, neuter, release), and becoming a cat foster parent.  One of my ultimate goals is to foster cats. I would love to right now, but my landlord only allows us the one cat and she isn’t going anywhere.

I love how Hannah’s passion extends from cats to all animals. You can see how much she cares for every one of her rescued kitties through her Instagram posts, YouTube videos, and website (kittenlady.org). She regularly speaks about rescuing kittens at conferences and events. She will be speaking at the University of Connecticut in July and I would love to go.


I have mentioned Oh She Glows on multiple blog posts this year. I received Angela’s two cookbooks, Oh She Glows and Oh She Glows Everyday, for Christmas last year. Though I just recently started cooking from her cookbooks, I have been a fan of hers for years. When I first joined Pinterest I did what most people do: pin every single recipe that looks delicious and hope you will make something that tastes half as good as the dish looks. I happened to pin a couple of Angela’s recipes and they have remained staples in our house ever since.

Every item we have made–with the exception of some gluten-free brownies that may been my fault– has been out of this world good. Angela knows her spices, as evidenced by her recipes.  All of her recipes are plant-based and the flavor profiles are the bomb dot com. We have cooked a few dishes from her cookbooks/blog for family and friends and everyone has been complimentary. Her cookbooks make the perfect gift for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike. I want all of my friends and family to own her books because I believe everyone will love all of her recipes.

She has opened my eyes to the world of cashew cream – you can put in on everything! Walter even prefers it on tacos over his beloved sour cream. I am not a fan of oatmeal, but she has an overnight oats recipe that I fancy. I add granola and fresh fruit to cover a bit of the texture, but the meal leaves me satisfied for hours. Right now we are cooking our way through her first cookbook. Each week I try to cook 2-3 different recipes. Her entrees produce portions large enough for us to have leftovers for at least a couple of nights.

I have so much love in my heart for both Hannah and Angela. They are two boss babes who have created a career from their passions. I am glad I stumbled upon both of them in the huge world of the internet.

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  1. They sound like amazing women Hannah especially for rescuing kitties and caring about all critters. I love hearing about the food you prepare. I’m glad you appreciate great tasting food. I would love to try the cashew cream, it sounded good when you told me about your scalloped potatoes. Love ya momma.


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