Girls Day in New York

As you know, I love taking advantage of my close proximity to NYC. When my friend Jennifer told me she was going to be in town for a work conference, the wheels in my head started turning. My theme for the day was Instagram – meaning I wanted to hit up some Instagram-worthy hot spots. Our mutual friend, Gayle, came with me and brought baby Liam. Fun fact – Jennifer introduced me to Gayle when I moved to Connecticut a couple of years ago and we have been friends ever since!


This was Jennifer’s first visit with Liam. We made a pit stop at her hotel in Times Square to get Liam refueled. I think this little dude did a great job hanging out in the big city. Now I just need to convince his parents that New York isn’t half bad 😉


Matcha isn’t my favorite beverage, but that didn’t stop me from suggesting we go to Cha Cha Matcha. Last time I was here I got a hot coconut matcha latte. It way okay. Green tea is my favorite tea, but there is something about matcha I can’t get past. I got the matcha lemonade – matcha, lemonade, and mint – and it was delightful. Monday was on the warm side so the combo of the three hit the spot.


For lunch we went to by Chloe on 22nd Street. I went to the by Chloe Rockefeller location in March and have been craving their whisky bbq burger ever since. It has seitan, pineapple, mushrooms, kale, and barbecue sauce on it…my mouth is watering just thinking about it. This visit, I got one with a small mac n cheese for us all to share. Honestly, their mac n cheese is not my favorite, but the shiitake bacon they put on top is to die for! I am trying to spread the word that vegan food is amazing and it isn’t what most people expect it to be. Both Jennifer and Gayle said they enjoyed their items – the guac burger and pesto meatball sandwich. The annoying thing about Cha Cha Matcha and this by Chloe location is that the store is small. I have never had to think about a stroller fitting into a tiny restaurant until Monday. Luckily we found the perfect spot to sit inside by Chloe.


Turns out it is really hard to get a baby to look at the camera. We are all super smart ladies and we figured out the best way to get Liam to look at the camera is by laying down. This only became a problem when Liam grabbed a hold of Jennifer’s hair. He is the cutest so I don’t think she was too upset. As I mentioned, it was warm on Monday so we took advantage of the nice weather and walked everywhere. Our last stop of the day was Central Park. People were out in en mass enjoying the beautiful day. By the time we got to the park some clouds rolled in and provided some much needed cover from the sun.

It was a super quick trip and we all had a wonderful time. I love having such funny, smart, and strong women in my life.

One comment

  1. Liam is such a cutie. And it was great that Jennifer was there. Tell her hello for me. Have they set a date? Love ya


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