Weekend Getaway: New Milford, CT

Since January I have been craving a weekend away with Walter without internet, without television. Just us. It has never worked out because of the winter weather and because we are always busy. Walter found the most perfect AirBnb in New Milford and booked it for this past weekend. It was everything I hoped for and more. Luckily the weather was on our side. Friday and Saturday we had beautiful sunny weather in the 70s!



The first thing we did after unpacking our stuff in the house was build a fire. Well, I gathered the kindling and Walter built the fire. We brought veggie hot dogs and stuff for s’mores to cook on the fire. We couldn’t find sticks big enough to support the weight of the hot dogs so we wrapped them in tin foil and set them on the coals. It cooked them to the perfect temperature and added a nice smokey flavor. Not only did we have vegan marshmallows (they melt just like a traditional marshmallow), we also whipped out an Olive & Sinclair chocolate bar and cinnamon graham crackers. Our s’mores were so gourmet.


This trip was different from our usual weekend getaways because it wasn’t as food focused. This month I am really trying to stick with a vegan diet and Litchfield County isn’t vegan or vegetarian friendly. I made it work though. Thursday before we left I made the Oh She Glows overnight oats and granola to have as our breakfast for Saturday and Sunday. It filled us up both days and we were full until lunchtime. For lunch we went to the only vegan friendly restaurant in New Milford, Green Granary. I had a veggie burger with a side salad and it hit the spot. We’ve actually been here before with Lyn and Delaney so I knew it would not disappoint.



Since I tore my ACL last March, I have spent significantly less time hiking. Saturday we got up early enough to fit in two quick hikes. The first one we did was down the street from our AirBnb and was pretty flat. It was great to see flowers blooming and new green plants popping up out of the ground. We saw tons of this lettuce-looking plant all over the place. Turns out there is a former corn field turned butterfly field near the trail and these plants were planted to attract caterpillars and butterflies. It would be really cool to go back to the field when it’s filled with butterflies.

Our second hike took place at Kent Falls State Park. Kent Falls has a gorgeous waterfall that is 250 feet long. There is a trail that runs along the waterfall that gives you great views of the waterfall. We hiked all the way to the top and the sound of the rushing water made me have to pee about every five minutes.


We first found New Milford when we were on a Gilmore Girls adventure with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law last April. We went to Washington, CT to the Mayflower Inn which is the original inspiration for creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino. Washington doesn’t feel too much like Stars Hollow so Walter did a little research and found nearby New Milford. It still isn’t as magical as Stars Hollow, but it’s pretty close. Can’t you picture Rory and Lorelai sitting on the steps of the gazebo?


After lunch we went to Zaragoza for a couple of cocktails on their patio. I had a spicy bourbon cocktail and a sangria. We then headed to the Bank Street Theater to catch a movie on one of their four screens. Walter loves a nice old, small theater so we had to check this one out. The four movies playing were the Quiet Place — which we have seen and LOVED — Blockers, Rampage, and Ready Player One. I did not care to see any of the last three, but we agreed on Blockers. I have no idea why I felt so opposed to Blockers because I enjoy all of the main actors. It was hilarious. It reminded me of Knocked Up and Neighbors – two movies I thought were really funny. Turns out Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were two of the producers. I recommend checking out Blockers if you are a fan of Seth Rogen (I know he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea).



The absolute best part about our weekend in New Milford was our AirBnb. I don’t know why I didn’t take more pictures of the inside because everything about it is beautiful and perfect. Usually when we are out of town I like to spend as much time as possible going and doing. This weekend I wanted to spend every minute in our little studio. It gave me a lot of decor inspiration for when we buy a house. I loved the dining area (the picture above) with all of the natural light coming through the windows, the snake plant, and how a love seat is used as seating. I would love to come back to this beautiful space again.


Saturday night after a sushi dinner at Yokohama Japanese Restaurant we returned to our perfect AirBnb for (microwaved) s’mores and champagne. We livin’ the high life. We played two rounds of Yahtzee with Walter winning both rounds because I could never get a Yahtzee ::shakes fists in air::. After Yahtzee we played a game we haven’t played since early in our relationship. It’s a back and forth game where each person adds to the drawing. The game ends when you feel like the picture is complete. This is our masterpiece from Saturday. I am the pink pen and Walter is the blue pen. It’s a lot of fun and we decided we should do this more often. This picture started with the eyeballs on the guy to the left and I do not remember where it ended. I still have the drawings we did when we first started dating. Next time I am at my mother-in-law’s I want to dig them out for us to look at.

I cannot wait for more weekend getaways and day trips to towns in Connecticut. I love exploring our (not so) new home. Any advice on where we should go next?? We haven’t done much in northern or western Connecticut.

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