March 2018 Round Up

Here we are in April and there is snow on the ground in Connecticut ::insert eye rolling emoji:: On the plus side, it is supposed to reach the mid-40s today so it shouldn’t be sticking around for too long.

This month was a doozy. If you read my past posts this month you know that I went to New York two weekends. This past weekend I did a third. For this week’s post I will cover other events in my life as well as my most recent trip into the city.


We got a couple of warm days at the beginning of the month. We were able to shed our heavy jackets and usual Saturday responsibilities and go for a quick hike up East Rock Park with Marley. East Rock has a pretty stellar view of New Haven (minus the power plant off to the left). I always try to bring visiting family and friends up here to show off my little town and view of Long Island. I am hoping there will be many more spontaneous hiking trips in April. My lungs are craving the fresh, warm air.


Here is a progression of pictures that show the night of our first Nor’easter perfectly. It’s no surprise that the drooping tree limbs displayed in the first picture lead to a power outage in the last two pictures. The second picture was taken as I walked into Wooster Square and the third maybe 10 minutes later. We didn’t get too much snow, but the snow we did get was wet and heavy. Our power was out for about 8 hours. It went out right before dinner time so for dinner we feasted on leftover salad and a jar of pickles (my favorite food and dish).

For Christmas Marley and I were gifted a pottery throwing class. This was my first time ever using a pottery wheel and Marley’s second (her first was when she was little). Our instructor had the patience of a saint. Though there were only three of us it seemed like we spreading her thin with our problems. I managed to make three items…what are those items? There is no telling. They could be bowls or maybe wide vases. I wasn’t the greatest, but I did enjoy myself. I can’t wait to paint my stuff (whatever they are). I would love to do their six week course in a couple of months.

Another weekend in New York, another vegan restaurant marked off my list. This past weekend we met up with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, niece and nephew Friday during the day. We went to by Chloe near Rockefeller Center for lunch. I got the whisky bbq burger and the mac n cheese. The flavors on the burger were outstanding. It had portobello mushrooms, pineapple, onion marmalade, sauteed kale, and bourbon barbecue on a potato bun. I could have eaten two of those things easily. I really enjoyed the mac n cheese, too. It had shiitake bacon (bacon made from mushrooms) on top that were so good I wish I could sprinkle them on everything I eat. My only complaint was the lack of sitting space inside. It’s really hard to find a nice spot to sit outside near Rockefeller center.

We spent Friday evening to Sunday morning with our friends Alison and Freddy. Friday night we went out for drinks and later had pizza at the closest place we could find with over 4 stars. What can I say? We were a little tipsy and VERY hungry. Our demands were simple. Saturday after we devoured New York bagels we went to Brooklyn Flea market in Industry City. We thought there was going to be a ton of food carts via Smorgasburg, but we misunderstood the website…oops! No worries though because there was a lot of cool things to look at and we did get fancy avocado toast as a snack from Avocaderia. There was also a huge tent called Hygge Haus to relax in (right photo). Wouldn’t it be so cool to have something like that in your backyard to host parties? I think that is my new dream.

After the Brooklyn Flea we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Walter and I have walked across the bridge a couple of times, but Alison and Freddy never have and Saturday afternoon was the perfect time because it was absolutely beautiful outside. Just as I was telling Alison how it didn’t seem as crowded as the other times I’ve been on it we hit a traffic jam. For what felt like 10 minutes we barely moved. I have no idea what caused the hold up. Someone stopping in front of a walking crowd to take a few pics? Possibly. A bike running over a walker? Could be. We will never know.


March was a really great month, but hands down the best thing that happened was our friends Gayle and Phil had their baby boy. We were lucky enough to get to see them the day after he was born. My heart melted when I saw Phil holding that precious baby. I can’t wait to spend more time with the Perez family and watch Liam grow up.

April seems like it’s going to be quieter than March. Walter and I do have a trip to New Milford, CT at some point this month. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend where we can unplug from our phones. I will be sure to keep you updated with whatever we do.



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