Where are you spring?

Here we are at the end of March and it is officially spring. However, we are still getting hit with Nor’easters seemingly every other week. I love a good snow day, but the snow we’ve been getting is wet and is never as bad as what is predicted. It’s not enough to cause a snow day and is just enough to be annoying. I am ready for warmer weather and spring blooms. I know I’m not alone here. Everyone I know is ready for the winter weather to be over.

Today, I was hoping to spend time outside, but most of the day was overcast. We attempted to go for a walk when the sun came out, but the wind was just too chilly. It left me feeling a little grumpy so I’m looking at some of my spring pictures from past years to warm up my cold heart.


Last April my sister-in-law, Delaney and mother-in-law, Lyn came to visit. Delaney is the biggest Gilmore Girls fan I have ever met so we wanted to bring her to the inn that inspired the Dragonfly. The Mayflower Inn is located in Washington, CT. It is super swanky, cozy and gorgeous. Luckily the day we went there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and we were able to walk around their gardens. I would love to stay there one day or even just eat lunch at their restaurant. The town of Washington doesn’t match the charm or quirkiness of Star’s Hollow (in my opinion), but it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re a Gilmore fan. Nearby, New Milford has more of a Star’s Hollow feel (complete with a gazebo). Walter and I have a trip planned to stay in New Milford in April. I can’t wait to explore more of this tiny New England town.


Look at me in my stupid short-sleeve shirt. I can’t even imagine wearing a short-sleeve shirt outside right now. This is the top of West Rock park here in New Haven. East Rock park is closer to our house so we usually head there if we are wanting a short hike. This day we decided to test out West Rock. I prefer the summit at East Rock because of the view, but West Rock has some cool points of interest. One being Judge’s Cave. Three judges, Edward Whalley, William Goffe, and John Dixwell, hid here for a month in 1661 when orders came for their arrest by King George II. Damn, New Haven is old.



There could really be a post dedicated to my love for Lexington in the Spring. University of Kentucky’s campus was always filled with tulips…until all the bulbs mysteriously disappeared towards the end of April (I’m lookin’ at you deer). I miss walking around UK during my lunch break or after work. The landscapers did a great job keeping the plants maintained and happy. Also located on UK’s campus is an arboretum. They had the best public gardens in all of Lexington. We took many a stroll there during spring, summer, and fall. Spring was hands down the best with all of the new blooms.



Spring in Lexington means Keeneland! There are two things Kentuckians love more than anything and that is bourbon and horses. Keeneland is a horse racetrack and it is only open in April and October (which makes it feel extra special). Most of Lexington (and surrounding areas) flock to Keeneland wearing their best outfits and hats. It is one of the best spots to people watch in Kentucky. My aunt designs hats for such occasions and she made Walter and me our own hats to wear. Keeneland is located outside of Lexington in horse country. There is so much beautiful open space that it is hard to feel anything but happy when you are at Keeneland (unless you’ve lost a ton of money on betting on horses). The only downside to Keeneland were the crazy amounts of people who were shit-faced drunk…smdh. You have to watch your feet because there is a good chance a drink will get spilled onto them at some point during the day. I never won big at Keeneland, and never bet much money, but it was always a good time.


I always knew I wanted a fall wedding, but when we visited this potential wedding venue site back in 2013 I for a moment thought about an April wedding. This day was perfect. The weather was just warm enough and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. This is Percy Warner Park in Nashville. I highly recommend giving it a Google. In this photo we are at the top of the staircase. It really would have been a beautiful spot to get married, but the logistics didn’t work for us. Maybe one day we will get dressed in our wedding gear and take a picture at the bottom and pretend. (BTW I wouldn’t change our actual wedding location for anything.)


The same day we went to Percy Warner my father-in-law, Wesley, showed us these baby bunnies in his backyard. This is probably the sweetest thing I have ever seen in real life. The nest of bunny fur was incredibly soft and the snoozing babies had no idea we were there. Not to worry, no one touched the actual bunnies and we were very careful to leave the nest how the mother left it. My father-in-law’s wife, Vera, is a naturalist and knows what’s up about nature. She wouldn’t have let us check out the bunnies if it put them in any risk.

I think that’s it for my memory lane stroll. There is a chance for snow tonight (dagnabbit), but it looks like we might get some days in the upper 50s this week. I have another New York trip planned for next weekend, and I am really hoping I won’t have to pack a heavy jacket. Cross your fingers for me!!

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