February 2018 Round Up

I thought for this weeks blog I would talk about the things I did in February that never made it to the blog. Life was busier and more fun in February than January. I definitely spent more money on food and activities this month due to January being a no-spend month, and I think I need to scale back in March. With that said, I do have a few New York trips planned this month. Being frugal will be easier said than done.


The most exciting and time consuming thing that happened in February is that I learned how to knit! It may look like I knitted Teek a little kitty-sized blanket, but this is just what I practiced on and is now back to a ball of yarn. I bought another skein of yarn in the same color so I can make a full-sized scarf. I am obsessed with knitting and looking at beautiful yarn. I can’t wait until I get better so I can make all my friends and family scarves. I think I know what everyone will be getting for Christmas 🙂


I was sick on Valentine’s Day, but I still managed to whip up this vegan carrot cake from scratch. It was my first attempt at making any sort of cake from scratch and it turned out great! My sister sent me an Olive & Sinclair cinnamon chili chocolate heart so I just plopped that right on top. Next time I make this cake I might try topping it with chopped walnuts.


Dawn and Joel scored us floor seat tickets to the women’s Yale vs Harvard basketball game. Anyone that knows me knows I am not a huge sports person. This was such a fun experience because we were so close to the action. We also had access to the Ivy Lounge which was an area with free food and drinks. SCORE! Obviously the free food was my favorite part. I asked Walter to take a candid picture of us because I wanted a Kardashian court side paparazzi pic…unfortunately he wasn’t willling to go out on the floor to take it 😉


Olives and Oil is a local trendy Italian restaurant here in New Haven. We went for dinner last year for Dawn’s birthday. Though the food was delicious, the music was too loud and my grandma ears couldn’t handle it so I’m not sure if I will ever go back in the evening. However, on Saturday and Sunday they have an all you can eat waffle bar. Good God almighty was it amazing. I didn’t get to eat four waffles like I originally intended, but I did leave feeling fully satisfied. The monstrosity pictured is Walter’s creation – mini M&M’s, strawberries, whipped honey butter, strawberry gelato, and maple syrup…holy hell.


Last but not least, Ladies Night at Goodfellas in New Haven. Goodfellas runs a great special on Wednesday nights for women only. It includes an appetizer, entree, and dessert for a little under $30. All of these lovely ladies work with Walter and I felt very grateful to have them think of me when planning this event. I can’t believe how lucky Walter and I have been to meet such wonderful people so soon after moving to New Haven. It really makes this place feel like home.

Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to sign off here and return to my knitting.


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