NYC: Chinese New Year in Chinatown


Get ready for a run of New York blogs! This is my first of four planned trips to the city from the end of February until the end of March. On Saturday, Walter and I went to New York City with Dawn (find her blog here), Joel, and Ro. We usually take the train, but Dawn and Joel prefer to drive so we hopped in their car and were off on an adventure. The car ride seemed to go faster than the usual train ride. I don’t know if it’s because it was actually faster or if it was just the great laughs coming from the back seats that made it feel fast.

After our first stop to Sephora where I did some damage, we headed to Chinatown for lunch at Jing Fong. Chinese New Year was this week so people were celebrating all over the place, dragons were going in and out of businesses and wandering the streets, and  people were setting off these huge party poppers creating a colorful mess all over the place.

We had about an hour’s wait for lunch so we walked to another Chinese restaurant for snacks. I got a pineapple bun that was warm, filled with egg creme, and had a crunchy layer on top. It was seriously delicious. I had no idea what to expect because I’ve never had a pineapple bun before and I am now obsessed. I bought one while Walter waited at Jing Fong. I knew he would like it so I wanted to save him a bit. I ate half and decided he could have the other half, but it was so good I ate more and only left him a bite or two (oops). He liked his bites so much that we walked back to get more. I don’t know why I didn’t follow Dawn’s lead and buy more to bring home.

This is the only picture I managed to take of any of our dim sum. As soon as the plates hit the table everyone dug in because everything tasted incredible. Dawn has assured us that Jing Fong has the best dim sum in New York City, and I believe her. These are vegetable dumplings and they were one of my favorite dishes along with sautéed broccoli rabe. Walter and I are already trying to find out a time to go again.

We wanted to go to the American Museum of Natural History and ended up arriving a little over an hour before they closed so they let us in for free. Whoo! We didn’t get to see much because the museum is ginormous and you really can’t even see it all in a full day. It’s good to know they let you in for free at the end of their day because I can see myself popping in if I have a free hour to check out an exhibit I haven’t seen yet.


We ended our day at Magnolia Bakery. I’ve only ever had treats from Magnolia at their Grand Central location. I got a lemonade and an ice box bar called Blueberry Jamboree which was a shortbread crust, cream cheese and whipped cream filling, and a blueberry topping. OMG. It was out of this world good. The blueberries were perfectly ripe and burst in your mouth with flavor. I will be dreaming of that bar for a while.

Day trips to New York City is one of the best parts of living in New England. What are your favorite things to do in NYC?


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