What’s In My Bag: New York Edition

Hands down the best part about living in New Haven is being a 2 hour train ride away from New York City. It took me 30 years to visit the city and now I can’t stop. I find myself scheduling trips to there once every couple of months. As of today I have 4 trips planned between next weekend until the end of May (get ready for a lot of New York blog posts). I think I have mastered what to bring to New York for a day trip and wanted to share what’s in my bag.


This is my trusty backpack that I bring with me every time I go to the city. The first couple of times I went I brought a crossbody, but this is so much more convenient. I have full use of both of my arms and I can fit a ton of stuff inside.


I’ve carried this Coach everyday for the past 8 years. It is usually packed with punch cards, membership cards, insurance cards, etc. I try to limit what I take when I am going to New York so I am not carrying extra weight. I only bring my ID, debit/credit cards, Sephora VIB card, Metro Card, and Glossier balm dotcom. Am I the only person who prefers the old Metro Card design?

Inside this leather pouch I store a mini L’Occitane lotion, Bite agave lip mask, whatever lipstick I am wearing that day, moleskin, and emergency panty liners.


I bring the Baggu in case I buy anything that can’t fit inside my purse. It is surprisingly large and is easier to handle than large shopping bags you usually get from shops. I also always have a mini Kleenex and hand wipes. Of course I always bring a pair of sunglasses and their case with me.

Ahh sustenance. I try to bring fruit and Kind bars whenever I know I will be doing a ton of walking and have my meals planned out with hours in between. Since the train ride is so long and we usually have another form of travel (walking or subway) between us and lunch I will have an orange or bar on the train. I recently bought this tiny S’well bottle because my Nalgene bottle is too heavy to carry all day. This bottle is lightweight and carries enough water to keep me hydrated between meals. Balancing hydration is important in New York, you need to drink plenty of water, but you also don’t want to drink too much because it is sometimes impossible finding a bathroom.

Bonus: Sometimes I will bring the book I am reading to read on the train if it isn’t huge. My book right now is hardback and over 500 pages so I will not be carrying that with me for these trips. When Walter is traveling with me and has a backpack he will carry our camping pillows so we can use them on the train ride how. It seems a bit excessive, but it is so nice to be able to sleep comfortably on the train after a long day in the city.

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