Lady Dates

While Walter is backpacking in the snow this weekend, I am hanging out with a couple of my favorite ladies. I love my girlfriends and making sure we get to spend time together is very important to me. Ovaries before broveries after all.


Friday night Marley and I went to dinner at our favorite vegetarian restaurant in New Haven, Claire’s Corner Copia. We go during that week for work sometimes so the people know us by our large London fog orders. Someone even asked Friday night if we needed any. We skipped the London fogs and went for regular earl gray and vegan quesadillas. Though the two don’t sound like they would go together we needed a hot drink to warm us up. The quesadillas were amazing, I got the Californian and Marley got the Tia Juana.



After Claire’s we headed across the street to the Shubert Theatre for Swan Lake. Marley has never been to a ballet before.  It was fun to watch the performance with a first timer. The performance was put on by the State Ballet Theatre Of Russia and they were fantastic! I have to admit we were a bit confused because we couldn’t get the movie plot from the Black Swan out of our heads; however, we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the performance. Sometimes we were so mesmerized by the movements we would zone out of the plot completely.


Before, during intermission, and after we hit up the photo booth. Surprisingly there was never a line so we took multiple photos. We did the same thing when we found a free photo booth at Joe & the Juice in the city.


After the ballet (and multiple photos) we went to Ben & Jerry’s. The 25 degree temperature and long walk we had in front of us was not enough to stop us from getting ice cream. I got a small cone with dairy-free caramel almond brittle and some sort of dairy-free coconut fudge and Marley got a dairy-free coconut fudge kids cone. I need to start getting a kids, especially during the winter because a small is pretty big and a lot of ice cream.


You can tell I am done with my spending freeze because I went out to eat Friday and Saturday. I need to calm down or I am going to be broke by March. Saturday I went to Soul de Cuba with Gayle. Usually Gayle and her husband, Phil, and Walter and me all hang out together because we are super star, double date teams, but since Walter is out freezing his buns off we decided to go out to eat with just the two of us. I got motofu which was fried tofu on top of rice and fresh vegetables with a balsamic reduction. Every component of the dish was cooked and seasoned to perfection. We got a starter of plantains and were happily surprised when both of our dishes came with two plantains each. Gayle ended up bring home the leftover plantains to Phil.

I’m off now to eat my weight in snacks and pretend I’m watching foosball.

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