Sundays are watering days for my plants. I find it’s best to remember to water your plant(s) if you have a set day. Of course, you also have to take other things into consideration: how much water the plant requires, the season (plants usually require less watering in winter), etc. I haven’t been a plant mama for long so take all of my advice with a grain of salt. I thought I would share which plants I have, what I’ve learned, and what I like about each plant.


This is my oldest plant. My mother-in-law gave me this Mother-In-Law’s Tongue or Snake Plant about 5 years ago. I honestly have no idea how big it was when I got it from her, but it has definitely been in this planter the whole time. I get so many questions about how I keep it so happy and I have no clue. This plant is so easy to care for. When we lived in Lexington it was an indoor plant and for the month we lived in Nashville it was outside. The humidity caused all the leaves to drop and turn light green/yellow. I was so worried it would not recover. Fortunately it did. It is still a bit droopy, but that has not affected the growth. In fact, I recently propagated this plant and put a much smaller one in my bedroom (photo on the right). I didn’t have high hopes for the little guy because this was my first attempt at propagating, but so far so good.

Left: dracaena Center: calathea ornata Right: ZZ plant

I’ve grouped these plants together because they are KILLING IT! I feel very proud whenever I look at them. I water the dracaena once a week and it has noticeably grown since I bought it back in the late summer. The calathea is finicky. Most plants don’t need their usual watering during the winter, but this one cravvvveess water. I have to water it every few days because I notice the leaves start to curl and turn brown. I think it might be because it is so dry in our apartment. The zz plant is a hard plant to kill because you don’t have to pay much attention to it. When I asked the employee at my favorite gardening center how to care for the zz plant she said, “you basically want to water it never.” I watered it today because it has been months since I’ve given it any water. I highly recommend the dracaena and zz plant for people who are new to the indoor plant world.


Another group I am proud of. Succulents are supposed to be easy to care for because they don’t require a lot of water and just need a happy, sunny spot. However, I’ve learned that I have success with succulents when they are by themselves, but I fail at grouping them together in a terrarium. I don’t know what happened with my terrarium, but one by one those little guys died. These are flourishing. One even bloomed! I was not expecting that plant to flower. When the succulent in the Flintstone glass begins to wrinkle, I know its time to water all of them. As far as planting succulents, as you can tell you can really grow them in anything (unless it’s a terrarium, in my case). I love succulents because there are so many different varieties and they don’t take up much space.


My newest cuties are spider plants that I received from my friend Gayle’s baby shower. I will be stealing this idea if I ever host a baby shower again. Her sister had a cute little note to go with them, “I’m just a baby – not that old, and in the winter I hear it’s cold. So protect me from the winter bleak, and water me about once a week.”

Birthday pothos!

I got this classic beauty from my friend Marley for my birthday. I think plants are the perfect gift. They last longer than flowers and add some personality to your space. Pothos are an easy plant to care for and are forgiving if you forget to water them – though you don’t want to make forgetting a habit. My dream is for this plant to continue to cascade down my bookcase and over the archway that separates the dining and living rooms. It grows quickly and I swear I have new baby leaves every week.

ficus elastica

::sigh:: I’m pretty sure this guy is donezo. The cold, dry weather is not this plant’s friend. No matter how much research I do for the care of this plant, I can’t make it happy. Around November the leaves started to droop and all of the smaller ones fell off. I can’t tell if it is dead or dying. I think I am going to see what happens over the next few weeks before I toss it. I am tempted to buy a new one in the spring, but I might need to accept this plant is not meant for my apartment.

That pretty much sums it up. Do you have any tips for keeping plants happy? What are your favorite house plants? Where do you like to buy your plant pots? Comment below and let me know!


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