2018 goals and another attempt at blogging

*These are my confessions (in the tune of Usher’s Confessions Part II):

I really enjoy blogging but after a few posts my confidence crumbles and I think everything I am writing is uninteresting. Maybe it is to some people, but I shouldn’t be doing this for others. I should do it because it is something I like to do. Whenever I come back to this blog– maybe once every 4-6 months– I really like what I’ve written and I immediately regret not keeping it up.  I think this is the year I will push past the negative thoughts in my head and keep this blog up and running. I recently found out my friend Dawn has a blog and she told me it helps to set a schedule. Here is my first goal for 2018 – to write and post new content every week.

I have a few goals (resolutions – I don’t like using that word) that are the same ones millions around the world are hoping to achieve. I want to save more money, eat better (more on this later), and work out more. There are a lot of other things I would like to work towards in 2018!

That plant life.
In 2017 I fell in love with house plants. I think I bought a new plant every weekend for over a month. Most are still alive and one is hanging in there. They add so much character to a space and help the air quality of our tiny apartment. Once the warmer weather arrives I plan on adding to my collection. One of my plants is really struggling with the cold, dry winter and I am a little scared to bring anymore into the apartment right now. I have my eye on a fiddleleaf fig tree, monstera, another pothos, and a few most succulents to name a few.

Dairy-free journey.
Most will think I am crazy (especially my family), but my goal is to eventually be vegan. I know too much about the treatment of animals and the effects of slaughter houses and dairy farms to our environment to continue with my current eating habits. It is not as easy for me to give up dairy as it was meat, but I am trying. I drastically cut down on my dairy intake in 2017, and I hope to keep that trend going in 2018.

The great outdoors. 
Last January I went skiing for the first time and during my second ski trip I tore my ACL…barely made it off the bunny slopes. This injury caused me to spend less time hiking and outside than I usually would. I was in physical therapy until July and was advised to not to try more difficult trails. This absolutely gutted me because I love hiking. It was one of my favorite activities in Kentucky and I know there are a lot of trails to see and do in New England. I haven’t had surgery to repair my ACL and probably won’t any time soon, but I am ready to get back out there. Even if it is the easy trails.

Every year I try to visit new places. My personal opinion is the world is too big to visit the same place year after year. This year I would really love to visit my friend Jennifer in Albuquerque and see more of New England. I am in love with Maine and would really love to explore more of its tiny towns. This year we also plan to visit Nashville (home) for a wedding. Plus we will get to see family and friends we haven’t seen since moving to Connecticut in 2016. I want to try to fit in a third trip so I don’t end up having extra vacation days at the end of the year. Any recommendations?

This is where I leave you for the week. I could continue on with smaller goals for the year, but I might save those for another post.

Let me know in the comments what big (or little) things you would like to do this year? Let’s be accountabilibuddies!

*Does anyone remember the feature on Live Journal where you could list the current song you were listening to? Should I do that on my blog posts?

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