Best Friend’s Baby Shower

I have been best friends with Carisue for 24ish years, so we have been through everything together. Laughs, cries, and arguments, many Hanson concerts, late nights on the phone, break-ups with boyfriends, proms, graduations, weddings, and NOW she’s having a baby! It still doesn’t seem real, and I don’t think it will until I am holding the little fella in my arms.

While I was in Nashville for a month my friends and I threw her a baby shower. I love having these special moments with friends, and I am so glad I happened to be in town before my big move to throw her a shower. I absolutely love the way everything turned out. At first I was worried it wouldn’t all come together, but I couldn’t be more proud of how the day turned out.

The invite came from Paper Source, the frame came from TJ Maxx, and the little shoe succulent came from Kroger (a grocery store). Carisue’s nursery theme is dinosaurs and we wanted to add a few dinosaur touches and shower decor she could also use in her nursery.

I hate that we couldn’t get a better picture of the gift table because of the lighting, but this one will do. My mother-in-law and I worked on the pennant banner (I cut and pinned the fabric and she sewed them together). I got the fabric from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics and bought it in these pre-cut squares for about $2.50 each. I think each square was a quarter of a yard and made 4 sets on pennants. There were enough pennants for two banners, but we only hung one. 
Check out this little cutie! I bought the dinosaur off Amazon, and he the Jellycat Bashful Dino in medium. I am obsessed with Jellycat stuffed animals. I wish it was appropriate for adults to have stuffed animals because I would totally buy the white cat. I constructed the diaper cake and my sister decorated it. I think the gift table was my favorite decoration setup at the shower.
Thought I would throw in our food spread. We made a watermelon salad, meringues, parmesan cheddar basil bites, corn salad with queso fresco with tortilla chips, orzo salad, cupcakes, and cucumber sandwiches. I highly recommend every recipe with a link. I use these recipes for every potluck and party, and everyone always loves them. 
My friend and I worked on this wall so people could take pictures with the mommy-to-be. I had every guest take a picture with her in front of the wall with an Instax camera, sign the picture, and then place it in the Instax photo album. I thought this was a great alternative to a guestbook because she can look at the pictures with her son once he is older. 
Did I mention her sister is also pregnant?? Crazy, but true. They are 6 weeks apart, but my prediction is they give birth within two weeks of each other.
I love candid pictures. I can’t tell you what we were laughing about, but I’m sure it was something silly. The picture on the end with the LEON box might be my favorite. It just reminds me of how much I love Carisue, and how genuinely happy she makes me. I am beyond happy for her and I know she will make the most wonderful mummy.
(I’m watching British Youtubers and it caused me to think/type mummy instead of mommy, and I like mummy better.)
I hope you enjoyed this baby shower blog, and if you are planning a shower, maybe you got some ideas. 
Chat with you later! xoxo 

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