Two weekends ago my sister, Paige, and I visited our friend, Jenn, in Chicago. It is without a doubt my favorite weekend (so far) of 2016. We were there from Thursday-Monday, and everyday was filled with adventure, tasty food, and shenanigans. I didn’t take as many pictures as I wish I would have, but I will share my favorites.


We went to a restaurant called Feast for lunch on Friday. We tried to sit on the patio, but it started pouring the rain so everyone had to find a spot inside. A waiter set this baby inside the door, and then went back to grab another baby. We thought it was hilarious because for a good minute or two this baby was just chilling on it’s own.

Riding the Blue Line!

I LOVE the public transportation in Chicago, even if it does mean sitting next to someone who hasn’t showered in a while. . Maybe it’s because I have never lived somewhere where it is so easy to get from point A – B, but I find it ridiculously convenient.


YYAAASSSSS QUEEN!! Beyonce was PERFECT!! But who is surprised?? Her singing, FLAWLESS. Her body, FLAWLESS. Her dance moves, FLAWLESS. This is the best concert I have ever been to. We were actually surprised about how good our seats were for only paying $75 a ticket. Sure she looked super small, but we were center stage, and the huge screen was perfect to watch. 

Look at her slaying!!
She made my dreams come true by having a confetti cannon!

When the concert was over, we decided to walk to a trains tation instead of ubering since our uber drive there was almost 2 hours. We weren’t the only ones who decided to do this, thousands of people were being corralled all through the stadium/museum area near Lake Michigan. When the crowd finally died down, we came out to this view of the skyline, and it was so peaceful and serene. It was like I could finally breathe again. 
Working on our Beyonce bodies…she really inspired us.
Lake Michigan
Sunday we went to Lake Michigan and drank the finest canned wine and bellinis. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the views are even better. 

Lost Lake Tiki Bar

Sunday night we went to Lost Lake Tiki Bar located near Logan Square. I HIGHLY recommend going here if you are visiting Chicago. All of the drinks come in fun, tropical themed glasses, and have a ton of character. There was about a 30 minute wait to get in and then maybe a 15-20 minute wait to get a table, but it was TOTALLY worth the wait. The drinks were each $12 and very strong. I hate getting a cocktail, paying a fortune, and not even being able to taste the alcohol. The had shareable drinks for about $50 that looked like a lot of fun.

Not the best picture, but I needed to use the flash to get the details. 

We did so much more than what the pictures show, but like I said, I didn’t take that many on this trip. I am so glad we got to visit Chicago before Jennifer moves, and hopefully I will get to go back to visit all of the places I fell in love with.

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