The Prettiest Hats In Kentucky

This past weekend Walter, my mom, and I went to Keeneland, which is a horse track in Lexington. My mom had never been before, and I really wanted to show her how gorgeous it is. She’s been to Churchill Downs in Louisville, but anyone will tell you Churchill doesn’t compare to the beauty of Keeneland. It was beyond crowded because it was the last Saturday of their spring meet, but we still had a great time.
My aunt (my mom’s sister) made us beautiful hats to wear. For those who aren’t familiar with horse racing, how you dress is a big deal, and an outfit isn’t complete until you have the perfect hat. 

My aunt has been making hats for family and friends for the Derby and other events for a couple of years now, and in January she launched Simply Laura. Her hats are some of the prettiest I have ever seen. She puts so much work and detail into every hat. 

After Keeneland, my mom and I went to a park to take pictures with some of her other hats. Please visit her website to see the other hats she has to offer. 
Santa Anita Surprise
Lucky Lady
Hiahleah Heritage

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