Being a Tourist In My Hometown

I moved to Lexington from Nashville in 2010 when Nashville really started to grow. Each time I go home for a visit there are new restaurants and bars to visit, but I usually go to the places I have known and loved for years. This past weekend we brought our friends, Logan and Mariah for a visit and got to be tourists/tour guide to our own city. One of the things I loved about this trip so much is we visited Nashville staples we have never been to, our favorite places, and new restaurants/bars. I didn’t take pictures at every place we went, but I have a couple I thought I would share.

Station Inn

Friday night, after a trip to Baja Burrito (my absolute favorite, must visit each trip restaurant), we went to Station Inn in the Gulch. Our friends wanted to see live music because of being in Music City so I googled “best music venues” on Google and Station Inn was the first to pop up. It has been opened since 1974 and looks like a dingy old building among the new high rise condos. It was completely packed and we showed up an hour late so we got around paying a cover. Michael Cleveland and the Flamekeeper were playing and it is by far the best bluegrass I have seen live (ok, so I haven’t seen much, but still).

Stop sign outside of Woodlands Indian Buffet
I didn’t take any pictures inside Woodlands Indian Buffet because it looks like a standard buffet, but sweet Jesus this place is amazing. When I first had Woodlands I had never had Indian food and I was instantly hooked.  Even my brother, who is super picky, loves Woodlands. I have never had a bad item there. The buffet is only during the day, and at night they do regular table service. I have done both, and while the dinner is outstanding, why limit yourself to one dish when everything is so good??
Dragon mural in Hillsboro Village
I love Hillsboro Village! One of my favorite places to go is Fido, which is a coffee shop. They are super busy during the day because they also serve food, so if you are just looking for a cup of coffee I suggest going next door to Hot and Cold (same owners). I had the most refreshing drink called the Village Mist (earl grey, orange, lavender, honey, half and half, and soda water), WHOA! so good. My friend and I think gin would be a nice addition 😉
Parthenon in Centennial Park

Oh, how I love Centennial Park on a sunny day. This has been a favorite spot for me since high school. They have live music and food trucks galore on the weekends during the summer. We went inside the Parthenon on this trip (something I haven’t done since girl scouts) to see the museum and Athena. I think it was about $5-6 and worth it if you are looking for a smaller art museum (and an escape from the hear).

Olive & Sinclair

I can’t believe this is the only picture I took at Olive & Sinclair…smdh. Anywho. O&S is a locally owned chocolate factory and offer the only bean to bar chocolate in Nashville. Not only is their chocolate amazing, my sister, Paige gets to make candy for their sister store, Seersucker. I’d say I’m a bit biased because of my connection, but their numerous awards shows just how special they are. My sister was in Florida for our visit so I sent her this picture of me in a panic. O&S is located in the super hip East Nasty.

I Believe In Nashville

 After the Village, I think the 12th South area is my next favorite neighborhood of Nashville. Again, it is littered with restaurants, and shops, and offers fun places to take pictures. There was a group of people waiting around this mural to take a picture. On this trip, the only 12th South business we located was 12th South Taproom. I don’t think I am the best person to review a taproom because I don’t drink beer. I am grateful if they have a cider to choose from, which 12th South Taproom does! In fact, they had a handful to choose from.

Those are all the pictures I have! Places visited but not pictured this weekend (and recommended):

Baja Burrito – Try the pineapple salsa! You will not be disappointed!
Donut Den – No frills, classic donuts…well, except for the cronut.
the Greenhouse – This wasn’t my best visit, but it is a really pretty and unique bar.
Desano – I was a bit skeptical at first because it’s a chain, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s BYOW and offers a great view of the skyline.
Nashville Farmers’ Market – The last couple of times I have gone have been on a Saturday and a lot of the restaurants are closed, so I would recommend maybe a Saturday, and during the summer so you can shop from farmers.

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