February Round-up

As suspected, my blog has been a wasteland since December. I tried to write a post in January, but got frustrated with the picture layout and gave up. Not too much happened in January, so there wasn’t anything to report. February on the other hand…

February has always been such a blah month for me. It’s cold, dreary, and there is never anything going on in my life. I am usually waiting for spring to come to start having fun in the new year. Here is a rundown of what happened in my life in February.

My friend, Alison came for a visit at the beginning of the month, and we had a dinner/late birthday party for her. We played a booby memory match game from Germany that I need to get my hands on. Anyone going to Germany? Walter and I also had a trip to Nashville and I got to spend time with my sister, mother-in-law, and best friends. 

I booked 3, THREE (!!!) trips for March, April, and May. March, Walter and I are going to Charlottesville, VA to visit our friend, Alison. April, I booked an Air Bnb in Lake Lure, NC for a bunch of friends and me to spend the weekend. It’s about an hour outside of Asheville so we will probably spend all of Saturday in Asheville. May, my sister and I are flying to Chicago to visit our best friend, Jennifer…AANNNDDD


That’s the twerking Kimoji because what else could perfectly describe how I feel about Beyonce tickets?!

We managed to get tickets to her Saturday show and I am beyond excited. With the outrageous (resale) ticket prices going on nowadays I never thought I would go to arena concert again. Our seats are in nosebleed section, but I honestly do not care. As long as I am breathing the same air as Queen Bey, I’m good. 

I also got a bunch of big life news. Big things are happening for my friends and me, but more on that later 🙂

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