Present Wrapping

Happy Holidays, everybody! Today I thought I would share what I like to do while I wrap presents and the paper (or theme) I am using for Christmas 2015. 
First of all, I never thought to have a theme until my sister started telling me I couldn’t get certain colors of wrapping paper because she had already claimed them for her wrapping theme. Since then, I have picked 2-3 different wrapping papers and ribbons in a certain color scheme. While I do think I am a good gift wrapper, my wrapping does not hold a flame to my sister’s wrapped gifts.
This year I chose the colors red, green, brown/gold, and blue. I am very pleased with the wrapping paper I picked up this year from Target. I chose one that is a bit traditional with Christmas trees, a modern, metallic, geometric paper, and a vintage Santa stamp paper. I think my sister questioned my decision, but I think they compliment each other without being too matchy-matchy.

My favorite thing to do while I wrap presents is watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I think it’s because it is so easy to watch and I can go in and out of the room without feeling like I missed something because I’ve seen all the episodes multiple times (judge away). I also love making a festive beverage like tea, spiked chai tea, hot chocolate, or eggnog. I also wrap with the overhead lights off and Christmas lights on. It is so relaxing and therapeutic. 
Of course this little monster always feels the need to help out by holding down wrapping paper and pulling out all of the ribbon.
Here are some of my final products. My favorite way to wrap a gift is using a box that has a separate top and bottom, and wrapping each piece in a different paper. It does take longer than wrapping a gift in the traditional way, but it looks really impressive.
This is a special gift for my brother…whhhhaaaattt could it be?
And finally, our Christmas deer family that protects our presents

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