I feel like this post is a little late since it is now the end of January, but I wanted to do a 2014 review. One of the reasons it has taken me so long to put this post together is because I had the BEST year of my life, and where do you begin to describe the best year of your life? Going into 2014 I knew it was going to be an outstanding year because I was getting married, but there was much more to the year that made it so memorable.

We started going on cabin trips with our friends, and they have been some of my favorite weekends. We went to Red River Gorge, Gatlinburg, and Pickett State Park. The weekends usually involve quesadillas, drinking, games, hiking, and a lot of laughing. We also did a bit of hiking, and I even squeezed in a 4th of July camping trip. I really enjoy spending time outdoors, and one of the nice things about where we live is there are a bunch of beautiful trails within driving distance.

Over the past couple of years, my car has been causing me a lot of stress because things would need to be fixed, and most times I didn’t know if they would be worth fixing because my car was old enough to just give out at any moment. I only used my car to drive to work, that’s it. In May, I had some work done on it, and then it wouldn’t start a week later so Walter and I decided it was time to let it go onto the great junk yard in the sky. I was lucky enough to get a new 2014 Prius and it is my baby. I love that thing to pieces and I would highly recommend a Prius to anyone. Because I got a new car, I was able to travel via car. Crazy, I know. I drove to Indianapolis to see Jack Johnson perform, Nashville without Walter, Blue Ridge, GA for a bachelorette party, and this year I plan on driving to Chicago. It’s amazing how having a car that is dependable can be so freeing.

At the beginning of the year, Walter told me he would be going to Cambridge in England for a conference. At first I wasn’t  able to go because I couldn’t get off of work or afford a plane ticket, but then the planets aligned, work was allowing me to purchase more vacation time and we reworked our budget so we could afford a plane ticket for me. It was my first time out of the country and I had a wonderful experience. Cambridge is BEAUTIFUL and I would love to visit again.

What I refer to as Bridal Extravaganza was by far the best experience of my life. It includes both of my bridal showers, my bachelorette party, the week leading up to my wedding, and of course, the wedding. It was filled with so much love and laughter. I am very appreciative for all of the work everyone put into my showers, and I couldn’t ask for lovelier group of women to have in my life. My bachelorette party was in Blue Ridge, GA at Walter’s aunt’s cabin. It was a f*cking blast. The theme was middle school sleepover, and we did all the activities one would do at a sleepover in middle school…plus consuming adult beverages. One of my favorite parts about my wedding was getting to spend time with people I do not get to see often, mainly cousins, aunts, and uncles. The months leading up to my wedding made me realize how much Walter and I are loved, and I know I am an extremely lucky girl.

I also got to attend two weddings. One was a coworker/close friend who got married in her hometown of Flemingsburg, KY. It was an adorable barn wedding hosted in the barn in her parent’s backyard. Everything was perfect and reflected personality her so much. The other wedding I attended was in Nashville at the Frist museum. It was completely opposite the other wedding and my wedding, but still perfect for the couple. 

I loved 2014 and I can only hope 2015 is half as fun! 

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