Bits & Bobs: England 2014

Hey guys! Remember me?? 

Last week I was fortunate enough to accompany my fiancé across the pond to a conference he was attending in Cambridge. It was (for me) a last minute trip. I had two months to get a passport and save up some spending money. 
I took hundreds of pictures, but I thought I would post a couple of my favorites. 

Oh, how I love the Underground. It alone is enough of a reason for me to want to move to London. 

Of course I have to post a red phone booth. This is the only one I knowingly took a picture of, and I think it looks a tad bit creepy. Does anyone else see a ghost? 😳

The British love their royalty. This portrait is made out completely out of jellybeans. 

Walter in the British Museum in London. This is by far the largest museum I’ve ever visited. I was surprised when we walked in and there was ZERO air conditioning. After spending a week in England, I now know it’s completely normal. America has spoiled me with air conditioning. 

An actual Andy Warhol print to BUY in Harrods. Too bad I didn’t £55,000 lying around. 

The Royal Coat of Arms on the gates of Buckingham Palace. 

Big Ben, Parliament, and the London Eye. I love this picture because it blends the old buildings with the modern Ferris wheel. 

This was one of my favorite moments in Cambridge, afternoon tea at Fitzbillies!! Well, a smaller version. I couldn’t have eaten all of the finger sandwiches, and cakes. I was in love with the scones and clotted cream. 😍😍😍

Walter at the Eagle Pub looking much happier with a pint of beer than a cup of tea. The Eagle Pub is the oldest pub in Cambridge, and has a ton of history. I think we went there at least three times during our visit. 

A sculpture in Market Square with an adorable white cat on top that favors my sweet Teek. 

One of the many bridges that crosses over the River Cam. During the day there are punting tours along the river. The self guided tours looked like a MESS, but the ones led by actual guides looked really fun. 

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my trip abroad. 

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