Wedding Series: Finding THE Dress

Hey guys! I’ve been terrible with keeping up with this blog, and I want to get better with updating everyone with new products I’ve tried and things I’m doing. 

Right now I am in the very beginning stages of planning my wedding!! Squeal! Eek! Panic! Any future bride who is currently planning their own wedding knows, this time is filled with so much excitement, yet so much anxiety. I am trying my hardest to stay organized with checklists, and timelines. 
One of the most exciting thing on that checklist is the DRESS!! Oh, the dress. According to my timeline, I don’t NEED to buy my dress until February or March (I’m getting married in October 2014), but it doesn’t hurt to start looking now. Well, I looked, and I think I found. I’m nervous to buy it now because we are still a year out from our big day, and I don’t want to buy my dress and then find one later that I love. However, I also don’t want to let this dress go because it’s 100% me, and meets all of my dress wants. 
Any-who, this past Saturday I went with one of my bridesmaids to look at some dresses at David’s Bridal, and I thought I’d share the dresses I tried on. Of course, I won’t show the POSSIBLE one! 😉 
This dress was nice when I had my hands on my hips, but as soon as I put my arms down, it was a mess. You know the “chicken cutlets” that usually hang over a strapless dress if it’s too tight? Well this dress did the opposite of that, it pushed them in and caused a weird indention. 

As much as I would LOVE a big, poofy, princess dress, for me, it isn’t practical. I know I’ll be dancing the night away, and this is way too heavy. Also, our ceremony is outside, and I can see all that tulle picking up every twig and leaf I walk past. 

Excuse my face in the first picture. I actually loved this dress, but it’s not what I want for my wedding. It’s too fitted and flat, and I don’t want any unflattering pictures of my stomach poking out. 

I tried on this dress for the back. It’s unbelievably gorgeous. Again, this is a bit too flat, and I lack the Kardashian butt that this dress is made for. 

I’m going to go ahead and included these two pictures of dresses that I tried on last September. I think these two, along with the first two pictures above show that I love a natural waistline. Which, is what THE POSSIBLE dress has. 

This is a terrible picture because my friends were trying to sneak pictures. I LOVE this dress, but it’s way out of my price rang. I wanted to try on expensive dresses at least once. 

I’m not sure what I’m doing here, I think at this point my back was killing me. This dress was nice, but the sound it made when I walked was TERRIBLE. It was silk taffeta, and I’m not impressed with the way it looks, sounds, or feels. 

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