A Very Potter Bridal Shower

Hello everyone!!! It has been forever and a day since I posted my last blog. I don’t know why, maybe laziness? Probably. Anyways, I’ve been really excited about this post and have been waiting months to write it! A couple of Sundays ago I threw a bridal shower for my BFF, Jessica. Per her request (and help) it was…wait for it…HARRY POTTER THEMED!! What?! Yes. You read correctly. I always knew that I wanted to throw Jessica a magical and whimsical bridal shower, and what better than Harry Potter? Another one of Jessica’s requests was that she wanted to help plan it. Since I am miles away from Jessica and a Harry Potter themed shower was her idea, of course I accepted the help. The shower turned out better than I could have ever imagined!!!

This is the AMAZING food that was served. I had some help preparing all of this from my sister, future mother in law, and Jessica’s grandmother. 
This was by far my favorite part of the shower. Jessica’s grandmother made all of these French macarons!! Are they not to-freaking-die-for?! They are absolutely perfect in every possible way. The owl cookie jar is one of my gifts for Jessica, and it’s name is Hedwig 😉 
These are butterbeer macaron snitches. 

These are a few souvenirs that Jessica brought back from the Magical World of Harry Potter.  
This is my version of the Great Hall. I love the way this turned out and I wish my camera would have picked up how lovely this was in person. It might be making an appearance at my wedding, but more on that later. 
The lovely bride casting a spell. 

Potion bottles decorated the bathroom (where Moaning Myrtle was hanging out). 
Check out those cups!! Jessica had them made, and they were the perfect party favor. It is filled with Butterbeer in this picture…duh. 
Here are all of the shower guests with panties for Jessica. I had everyone buy a pair that best represented their personality, and Jessica had to guess who brought which. It was tons of fun. 
This is Jessica after Lyn (my future mother in law) read off everything Jessica said while opening gifts in the context of what she would say on her wedding night. OMFG!! If you are ever planning a party or just attending one, DO THIS!!! We were all crying after because it was hilarious. It was better than any game we could have played. Jessica was super embarrassed. 

This is the bride and all of the bridesmaids.

I hope you all enjoyed a peek inside Jessica’s Bridal Shower and I hope it even inspired a few of you to throw your on Harry Potter themed party!! Happy planning!!

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  1. Hey!! I found this bridal shower really awesome. Have to arrange my sister’s bridal shower at one of wedding venues. Have been looking for amazing ideas for the day. Have never arranged such events so quite excited and worried too about everything.


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