6 Months Until Christmas!!

Yes, it’s true. There are only 6 months until Christmas! Surely I can’t be alone in being this excited for the Christmas countdown. In my opinion, it is never too soon to start getting ready for Christmas. I start listening to Hanson’s Snowed In around July. I just love the holiday season so much. I know some people might be all “blah, blah, I work in retail…” but I have, too! I even worked at a Christmas-themed event at Opryland Hotel from November-January. Since I am so excited about this, I thought I would share some of my Instagram pictures from last year’s holiday season! I hope you enjoy…Happy Holidays! 😉

As you can see, I am a complete crazy person when it comes to wrapping my presents. I only used two wrapping papers for all of my presents…and this was intentional. 

Do you want your cat to do something cute? Treats work wonders 🙂

Teek was not happy about this tree. 

Look at those eye?! Isn’t she just the cutest??

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