Hiking in Berea, KY

One of my new favorite things to do is hike. Especially when the weather is nice, there is a cool breeze, and the trails are empty. 

This past Saturday we took a small day trip to Berea, KY which is about 45 minutes south of Lexington. I’ve never been to this trail, or the town of Berea. The trail we went on is called the Pinnacles and apparently there is a dog that lives nearby that will follow you if you’re one of the first people on the trail. I hope I’m lucky enough to meet this dog. It will be the best hiking experience ever. 
The trail was pretty short, and it makes for a nice, quick afternoon hike. It was a bit steep for me, but there is nothing wrong with a little challenge. The view from the top was beautiful. You could see little towns and houses, and it made me realize how small I actually am. It really makes you think…ok, enough cliches. Time for some pictchas!! 
This was the perfect day to pull out my old Hanson hat that I found at my dad’s house. This hat and shirt are about 15 years old…craziness. I’m pretty sure everyone who saw me on the trail was super jealous, but I would be, too. 

We found a quiet spot where we could relax and talk. I love to walk to the edge. I know it makes people ::cough:Walter:: nervous, but it’s such an adrenaline rush and I LOVE it!! 

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