Date Night

Walter and I always go on a date night on Fridays. It’s a good way for us to unwind from a busy week, and catch up with each other. We usually go to dinner followed by a movie (theater or rent), or go for a walk around town. 

This is me rocking my Gryffindor status.  

This past Friday we went to Alfalfa’s, which is a local restaurant in downtown Lexington. All of the food is fresh and from local farms. I really enjoy restaurants like this because they usually have a nice selection for us vegetarians. After dinner we walked to Triangle Park in front of Rupp Arena. I’ve never been there before and I’ve always wanted to. There is a large water fountain that people can play in during the summer (that’s on my Lexington bucket list), and the back wall of the park is a full water fountain. 

Sometimes there are cool, little art installations around Lexington, which are always fun to see. This night, we found a colorful walker chained to a light post (at least I hope this is art), and trees wearing sweaters. Apparently there is a “Tree Sweater Gang” who go around Lexington, knitting sweaters for trees!!! I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit and this is just another reason to learn. I need to be in this gang!! 
This tree has a turtleneck and sleeves!!!
One of the nice things about Lexington’s downtown is it is so small and clean, and very picturesque. 
I love our date nights. We always have fun, no matter what we do. 

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