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Spring Training finally began for most teams on Friday, and the MLB Season is officially underway. It was a dull offseason for the most part, with the exception of the Angels and Yankees among others being active. With opening day (March 29th) only around a month away, it’s the perfect time for some 2018 predictions!

Regular Season

AL East

  1. Yankees
  2. Red Sox
  3. Blue Jays
  4. Orioles
  5. Rays

The Yankees were runners-up in the ALCS last year, and have only improved with their young team getting older and acquiring Gincarlo Stanton. The Red Sox are the only threat in the division, and they just added JD Martinez to an already stacked roster. The Blue Jays have a solid rotation and Josh Donaldson, so they could be a dark house for the 2nd wild card shot. The Orioles have only gone downhill since their wild card loss in 2016, and the Rays have began selling some of their main pieces.

AL Central

  1. Indians
  2. Twins
  3. White Sox
  4. Royals
  5. Tigers

The Indians might have the 2nd best chance of any MLB Team to win their division. The Twins were somehow a playoff team this year, and could sneak into the playoffs again this year. As for the White Sox, Royals, and Tigers, well better luck in a few years. The royals lost key pieces in Hosmer, Cain, and most likely Moustakas. The Whitesox are still too young to compete, and the tigers are in full rebuild.

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Jersey wholesale Throwback Discount Cheap Jersey AL West

  1. Astros
  2. Angels
  3. Jersey wholesale Throwback Discount Cheap Jersey Mariners
  4. Rangers
  5. Athletics

Jersey wholesale Throwback Discount Cheap Jersey The defending world series champs have improved as well this offseason, aquiring Gerrit Cole among others, to bolster an already strong rotation and should have no trouble winning their division. The Angels have made a remarkable number of moves getting locking up Upton, and getting Ohtani, Kinsler, and Cozart, and could compete for the divison and wild card. The Mariners have a solid team that could be a dark horse wild card, though they could have improved much more than the did this offseason, while the Rangers and A’s are most likely going to be out of the playoffs once again.

NL East

  1. Nationals
  2. Phillies
  3. Mets
  4. Braves
  5. Marlins

I can see the Phillies improving again this year as they have in the years past as they slowly start to compete year in and year out, but they might be a little bit of a stretch for the playoffs. The Mets have had problems every year, and I don’t see this year getting any better unless their rotation stays healthy and Harvey becomes his old self. As for the Braves they are also getting closer to becoming relevant, and the Marlins are a mess, quite possibly the worst team in the MLB. This could be the biggest lock of the year, and the Nats should easily win the worst division in baseball.

NL Central

  1. Cubs
  2. Cardinals
  3. Jersey wholesale Throwback Discount Cheap Jersey Brewers
  4. Pirates
  5. Black Jersey Seahawks Black Seahawks Jersey Seahawks Black
  6. Reds

The Cubs swapped out Arrieta for Darvish, and they have a great chance of once again winning the NL Central. They do have some competition however, in the Brewers and Cardinals. Both teams have improved this offseason, and have a chance to finally take down the Cubs. The Brewers are fighting for revenge and making the playoffs, after barely missing out last year to the Rockies. As for the pirates and Reds, they aren’t looking very strong.

NL West

  1. Dodgers
  2. Rockies
  3. Diamondbacks
  4. Giants
  5. Padres

The NL West is the best division in baseball, and it will be a tough battle for the Dodgers to repeat as NL West champs, but doable. The Rockies heavily improved their bullpen retaining Jake Mcgee and signing Wade Davis. They are a dark horse to win the NL West and could compete for a wildcard. The Diamondbacks also made the playoffs last year and could once again this year. The Giants made some big name moves, but I’m not sure they will playoff. Do I even need to talk about the Padres?


       Wildcard Games

Red Sox over Angels

Rockies over Cardinals

Divisional Round

Nationals over Rockies (3-1)

Cubs over Dodgers (3-2)

Yankees over Red Sox (3-1)

Indians over Astros (3-2)

Championship Series

Cubs over Nationals (4-3)

Yankees over Indians (4-2)

World Series

Yankees over Cubs (4-2)


AL MVP: Mike Trout

AL Cy Young:  Chris Sale

AL ROY: Shohei Ohtani

NL MVP: Bryce Harper

NL Cy Young: Max Scherzer

NL ROY: Ronald Acuna





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